John & Jacob
A sense of selfworth


  • Size – 1200 sq.ft.
  • Type – Retail
  • Location – New Delhi
  • Status – Completed in 2013

Building a retail space is different from building an office building and is all the more challenging. A store layout has to be done right since it influences a customer's behavior and is a key strategy to a store's prosperity. Following the same ideology, John & Jacobs is a retail space which is not only functional and economical but oozes out the same energy as of the high end brand name, being aesthetically pleasing and having a sense of self-worth. Wood has been extensively used and lighting here has a dramatic impact on the space. It is functional but also complements the merchandise as well as emphasizes key points throughout the store.

C-18 Basement,
Greater Kailash-1 Enclave,
New Delhi - 110048, India